About the Pomsky Breed

Learn More About Pomskies from Our Knowledgeable and Experienced Team

What is a Pomsky?

The Pomsky is a dog breed that’s a cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky, essentially giving you a smaller Husky. An F1 Pomsky will only contain these two breeds. Further generations may include the German Spitz Klein and American Eskimo as these are also permitted breeds within the Pomsky. Each puppy can develop traits from either parent, some appearing more Pomeranian and some more Husky, and this means that littermates can all appear different in both looks and personality.

Black and White F2 Pomsky
Pomskies can vary in size, but as a general rule of thumb they range from the size of a small Husky to a large Pomeranian, with the average being the size of a beagle.

Caring for Pomskies

If introduced correctly and in the appropriate manor, Pomskies are great with children of all ages, making them very good family dogs. They are friendly and loving with a gentle disposition, and are loyal and playful. They are also highly intelligent, making reward-based training relatively easy. We have found our Pomskies to be very receptive to training, but some dogs are more stubborn than others and some aspects may need more patience than others.

It’s important to be aware that as well as a reasonable level of exercise Pomskies also require mental stimulation to keep them from becoming bored. Training and other enrichment activities are just as important as a nice walk with your furry friend.

Pomskies are double coated dogs, meaning they have an undercoat and a top coat. They generally have two major coat blows per year where they shed their undercoat. A coat blow usually lasts one to two weeks and during this time they will need extra brushing. We would recommend using an undercoat rake to pull out all the dead hair and then brushing through. At other times of the year we recommend brushing Pomskies once a week.


Pomskies generally have a good temperament, although it does vary depending on the foundation breeds involved, the selection of parents by the breeder and the early socialisation and work carried out by the breeder with the pups. Pomskies should be happy, confident and friendly dogs, good with people and other dogs alike. A well bred and well socialised Pomsky makes an excellent family pet where consideration is taken by the breeder to match you with the right pup.

Health Issues and Life Span

As the Pomsky is a relatively new breed there is no sufficient data on common health issues or life span. However, as they are crossbreeds it is possible for any of the health issues of the parent breed to manifest in the Pomsky. The main health issues to watch out for are hip/elbow dysplasia and plaque build up on their teeth.

The current estimate for a Pomsky’s expected life span is 12-15 years, and keeping your dog fit and healthy will help them live a full, long life.